Why Us

Cleaning Services Bethnal Green is prominent cleaning service company with long experience. We know perfectly how important for you is to keep clean your home, commercial area or workplace. That is not easy task to clean your property thoroughly especially if you are busy and do not have the equipment and knowledge needed. To bring the clean, fresh appearance of your home or commercial area – trust to our high-end professional cleaning services. 

When our trained and experienced team finishes with the cleaning all you have to do is to enjoy the new immaculate look of your property. Just call us and learn more about the benefits you will get by using our quality services. We are confident that you will be charmed from the quality of our services and the low rates we offer. You will see how essential is for the customer to have reliable and stable cleaning company. 

Our mission is to bring the ultimate satisfaction for every customer we serve. The employees we have are always ready to comply with your requirements, so they will be able to perform the best cleaning for you. Every our service is made to fit your exact needs.


Grant yourself with the benefits we offer:

  • Stable cleaning company with long experience on market.

  • We are responsible and insured (not like some other companies)

  • Trained and vetted cleaning team.

  • Always professional looking. Dressed up in a distinctive Cleaning Services Bethnal Green uniforms.

  • Same cleaner you know, will serve you every time.

  • In case of holiday, illness, holiday, etc. we will provide substitute cleaner right away.

  • Your home security is a prior task for us. In case of losing your keys, our company will pay the fees for making a new pair.

  • We have no hidden charges. You will pay only for the job done in your estate.

  • We offer different and secured payment methods for your convenience.

  • Free term agreement. Just send a notice a month in advance.

  • We implement specially made services and trained employees.

  • Cleaning Services Bethnal Green name is a symbol of professionalism and care in the cleaning business.

  • High-level of personalized customer service.

  • Our support center is always phone call away 24/7.


Process of choosing our personnel: 

To become a member of our professional squad is not an easy thing to do. Our checking and choosing system is a hard and difficult process. We want to be sure that we have the most motivated and refined candidates to join our ranks. It is no coincidence that they are motivated by receiving the best rates in branch. Let’s focus on the choosing process steps below:


  • First of all every candidate must have valid passport or ID card.

  • Checking up some other kin details.

  • A permit for working on the territory of UK.

  • Existent and previous address.

  • Previous references.

  • Individual interview by our representative.

  • The candidates are going through comprehensive training when they are approved.

  • They are supervised during the training.

  • After training is complete, every candidate is taking a practical examination.

When everyone is happy with their performance we give them the chance to work with clients, again under close monitoring from our supervisors.


Arranging a service

When cleaning need appears simply call our number and we will handle every step of organizing everything. Talk with our team leader for your personal demands when the cleaners visit you. Feel free to tell them what your exact needs are and they will help you and even give some advice. When doing that we can understand your real needs and bring you the most appropriate cleaner for you and backed him/her up with a proper substitute when needed. You also will have a personal manager who will take care for your requirements and services and always will be there when you need some cooperation.


Your cleaner every time

Our hiring process is made cautious to be sure that you will be happy of your cleaner and will stay for a reasonable time period. The cleaners we bring are passionate and get the best payments in business. Their schedule is specially made, so they will be ready to assist every time when you need.

Stable Service

If by any means we could not to give you a replacement cleaner on time and you miss some scheduled cleaning, you have the right to plead for discount.


Great Service Quality

Each of our diligent cleaners is prepared in accordance with the high standards of the professional cleaning sector. Very often they deliver results exceeding the expectations of the customers. They are serious, motivated and professional. You can fully trust them!


Guarantee for Quality

If you have some doubts about the work done from our cleaners, you can call us and we will clean everything again with no charge. The work will stop when you decide that everything is in perfect shape.


We are fully prepared

Our training program continues as long as needed. Each of the employees is prepared by highly experienced technician. Every technique and approach is improved according to the highest standard in business.


You will be ecstatic of the results!


We are safe

You have to know that we will take care for your items, but for your convenience you are insured in case of losing or damaging something while our cleaners work.


Cessation the Service

You agreement have no time limit. You can always stop using the service by sending a month notice.


Cost Control and Discounts

We are monitoring the market and are making sure that we are offering the best prices and services with real value. The rates we have are affordable and can win over the other providers on market in a fair competition.


Payment Options

You can choose your payment method personally using credit card, cash or cheque. You can also choose most proper period of payments for you – weekly, monthly or bi-weekly. You will receive your invoice monthly. Keep in mind that we have no hidden taxes or other unpleasant surprises. Alternatively if you can’t or don’t have the time to arrange supplies our professionals can bring them in this case some additional charge may occur. We will cover everything you need from supplies and equipment to far-reaching cleaning service. Same cleaner will work for you every time. In case you want some other to work with just tell us and we will get a new substitute especially for you. With our top-class services you will have the clean and flawless look of your property guaranteed.


Our locally positioned teams and support center in Bethnal Green is ready to give you a fast response when you need to. You can always count on Cleaning Services Bethnal Green just give us a call and you will see how easy is to arrange the best cleaning on market. We work 24/7 so do not hesitate to contact us!